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I am taking commissions…

There’s a knock at your door, you say “Come in” and your ex enters. What do you think would happen next?

~~I wouldn't ever "come in" I would get up and go to the door so if it was someone I didn't want to see I wouldn't open the door XD.~~

Do you consider yourself to be an atheist?
~~Can I be neutral on this subject and not answer?~~

How old is the last female you talked to?
~~uhh like 13~~

Who did you last say “I hate you” to? Why did you say it? Did you actually mean it?
~~I don't remember~~

Are you currently nervous or anxious, for any reason at all?
~~ no just chilling XD~~

Is there someone who can always make you smile, no matter what?
:iconseraphinapitchiner: and hermithug and :iconthethuggin: >.< other people too but then sometime i get really sad~~

If you felt ready to have sex before your partner did, how long would you be prepared to wait for him/her, before you’d consider ending the relationship?

~pffffffft forever~~~~

Think of the last person, of the opposite sex, that you had a conversation with. Are you attracted to this person?

I think that was my 10 year old step brother and no that would be creepy >.<

Do you remember the first time you met the last person you texted?

:iconseraphinapitchiner: met her on here this year in the middle of the school year <3 DOITSU I WUVEZ YOU~~italy

The last time you cried, who was there to comfort you?

A few days ago and :iconseraphinapitchiner:

Could you tell me please, what color each of these things are?

~ Your hair: naturally? light drown right now a mix of light of drown and blonde >.<
~ Your eyes: Blue i think <.< >.>
~ Your shirt: Red
~ Your socks: not wearing any 
~ Your shoes: not wearing any XD
~ Your underwear: >.< wouldn't you like to know? shhhhh I don't want to tell....okay fine.... *white and purple* but why you want to know
~ Your purse/wallet: black or theres the one with grell on it for wallets and purse yellow, mint green, black yeah yeah 
~ Your phone: Jeffree you want to know his phone case? go look at a pic of him
~ Your computer/laptop: Lappy >.< i wuvez you lappy my dear why you broke *black*
~ Your earphones:  light lavinder
~ Your best friend’s hair: drown <3 my dear husband wove you! 
~ Your best friend’s eyes: drown

The last person that hurt you tells you that they’re sorry. You say ….

~~my step brother because I snapped at him for getting in my face and told it's fine it just gets annoying after a while~~

Have you ever told anyone that you wished you’d never met them? Did you mean it?

>.< no

Think of the person you had feelings for this time last year, and then think of the person you have feelings for now. Are these two people in any way similar, or totally different? Or, is it the same person?

~~ love when is our anniversary!! we needz to figure that out!~~

If you spot a spelling or grammar mistake in anything you read, does that bother you?

~~ no it doesn't bother me if I even notice.

Finally, name someone who has made you smile in the last 24 hours.


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  • Mood: Alarmed
  • Listening to: scary brunk
  • Reading: guy just can to the door
  • Watching: and tried to get in the house
  • Playing: mom and ty chased him away
  • Eating: cops are getting him
  • Drinking: now

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