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Red got drunk O.o Sandin happened to be there. 
 Tagged bye :icongabbz-the-demon:

1.Pick any of your OCS
2. Have them be drunk as hell
3.Answer the questions
4. Tag 

1.Yo. What's your name?
Red: hehehehehehhehehe
Sandin: What is wrong with you Red and why is that person in your house.
Red: Awww Sandy my dear *pouts and hugs her* 

2. What are you drinking? Can I have some? :3
Red: What have I no clue *giggles*
Sandin: *rolls eyes* TT Red your more am idoit then normal
Red: But of course you can have it Deary <8D

3. Are you even legally allowed to drink at your age?
Red: Age how old am I
Sandin: *sighs* your old Red just stop talking

4. Do you have any crushes on anyone?
Red: Crush!? Sandy dear will crush people XD HAHAH 
Sandin: I think their talking about the human feeling of attraction to another person
Red: Oh like you and mister lemon man *gads Sandin in the side*
Sandin: Shut up Red *whacks her on the head*
Red: Awwz your so mean *hugs*
5. What's their name?
Red: Who's name?
Sandin *rolls eyes*

6. I bet you can't tell me your deepest, darkest secret.
Red: I'm a Saruveeans. *whispers* and I killed 100 humans *giggles* whoops naughty  shilot 
Sandin: That's very much Red.
Red: Yeah Miss I kill 100 everyday *gad* 
Sandin *sighs and rolls her eyes*

7. You think you can? Prove it.
Red: Prove what!? *giggle* that i'm made of sand *turns into a pile of red sand*
Red *rieses but up into human form*

8. Do you realize what you've just said?
Red: Realize? hahahahaha not really what are we talking about?
Sandin: Red what is wrong with you?

9. Your crush is trying to kiss you right now.
Red: Crushing is am acting like this *smashes a grape with her fingures* *giggles*
Sandin: *sighs and facepalms* 

10. Just kidding~ <3
Sandin: Red get off me!!

11. Do you have any mancrushes/girlcrushes?
Sandin: Red get off me *pushes her away* How many times do I have to talk to you about personal space
Red: Forever!

12. Who is Batman's secret identity?
Red: Oh my gosh a bat that's a man O.o!!!??????? 
Sandin: Red no remenber the movie we watched yesterday?
Red: Not really!
Sandin: Just just never mind
Red: Forget-me-not.

13. Who do you think could be God?
Red: XD hahaha what?
Sandin: ............

14. Who is Superman's secret identity?
Red: Yoite? <.< >.> Mister Lemonman XD he's one super man! 
Sandin: *covers her mouth* Red just stop talking 

15. What's your secret identity?
Red: *muffled sounds*
Sandin: Would you be so kind as to leave!? *glare*

16. Are you getting a hangover yet?
Red: What's a hangover?
Sandin: What did you do to Red anyway?

17. Need some medicine?
Red: O3o noooooooooooooooooo *giggles*

18. Would you feel better if your crush cuddled you while you rested?
Red: SANDY WOULD!!!!!!!!!! Maybe she'll be less of a meany *laughing fit*
Sandin: *slaps her upside the head* Red shut up right now.

19. Feel better. It was fun talking to you~
Red: But i'm feeling gret!!!!!!!

20. Bye-Bye~
Red: Bye bye Deary come back anytime!
Sandin: That means never *crushed host with sand* 
Red: What was that for?
Sandin: It know to much

Red: Oh hey Sandy Dear when did you get here?
Sandin: *sigh* A while ago
Red: REally!! *hugs* It's nice to see you. Didn't expect you over
Sandin: Yeah will stuff can up and i'm staying the night here.
Red: That's great! but what happened? O3o where they getting all lovy-dovy again? Where's Sandarith?
Sandin: Yes they are. And Sandarith is haveing some alone time with Hanney.
Red: That's great!!! They are so cute together. 

~and then they watched movies all night long~~
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  • Reading: Alpha and Omega
  • Watching: the office
  • Eating: lemon chicken
  • Drinking: water

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